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We at Lotto Cards App Really appreciate you stopping by. Please help us to reach our goal of reaching 500,000 end-users by year end. We would like you to email our site to friends who can tell 2 friends and they tell 2 friends etc. This Geometric progression should be quite interesting to see if we make it around the world before hitting the half a million mark. Please purchase our app or ask someone who does partake in the pleasure of Lotteries to purchase our product. We will have more upgrades and products coming soon.


Lotto Cards Are now an App located at the Apple App Store.

 Just $.99 no shipping no handling and more features covers all Lottery, Mega, Powerball, Keno any and all number games from 0 to 99 with the capability of drawing up to 20 cards.

So go to the app store for your Apple IPhone, or IPOD Touch, or IPAD and download the app You will just love it.

Lotto Cards app for the IPAD will be arriving to you by March 17th. Luck of the IRISH!




This quick pick number generator will assist you in picking your winning lotto numbers

The Min and Max columns on the screen above are your number ranges to choose from.

Such as a lottery using 1 to 54 numbers you would set the minimum column to 1 and the max column to 54

 Select the lowest number which usually it the number 1 and then the highest number in your game needed.

Draw is the amount of cards or needed numbers to be shown like below 

For instance the New York lotto is 1-54 numbers with a 6 card draw - So you would set the min to 1 and the max to 54 and the draw to 6 then hit feeling lucky) and Voila! your 6 numbers show up after the cards are shuffled and selected.



IPAD Picture of the Table



Android apps coming soon!!!

What can I use this lotto cards app for. Well, you can use it for picking many of your;

State lotteries,      State lotto's,       Pick 3,      Win 4,      Mega Millions,     Power Ball,     Power Play,     Keno,     Daily 5,     multiple state lotteries, international country lotteries,    roulette, and any game that needs numbers to be picked.

This little lotto random number generator can be your quick pick number creator for any of those games you may want to play and many more just let your mind wander.


GOOD LUCK on your Lottery AND MAY YOU WIN BIG. Let Us Know if you do so. E-mail-us at winnersoflcapp@mylottocards.com



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Or Get them On your IPhone or Ipod Touch and IPAD (IPAD version mid March 2011) From your Apple App Store for only $ .99 USD

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Ready to play and can be used World Wide for any of the Lotteries, Kenos, Mega Millions, PowerBall, Daily Draw, Take 5 etc.



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